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this is where i post various new images!


man i got a lot of favorite images!

Journal History

Name: Kane Wrathblaze (Darth Marana).
Gender: Male.
Born: 57 BBY.
HomeWorld: Mandalore.
City: Keldabe Mandalore.
Died: 44 ABY.
Cause of Death: Decapitated By Kyle Katarn, But Still Roams As a Demonic Looking Force Ghost.  
Age: 37.
Height: 6'0".
Weight: 1.80.
Eye Color: Grey (Normal), Yellow (Dark Side).
Hair Color: Brown.
Skin Color: Fair.
Personality: Stoic, Intimidating, Antagonistic, Shows Slight Enthusiasm, and Slight Sense of Humor.
Occupation: Sith Lord, Sith Assassin, and One Of the Surviving Members of True Mandalorians.
Father: Cade Wrathblaze (Darth Haran).
Mother: Chaab Skirta-Wrathblaze.
Uncle: Kal Skirata.
Ancestor#1: canderous ordo.
Ancestor#2: Sozin Ordo, A.K.A Sozin Wrathblaze.
Oldest Daughter: Azula Wathblaze (Darth Dinila).
Oldest Son, Reven Wrathblaze.
2nd Son Benedict Wrathblaze.
3rd Son Kotep Wrathblaze.
Wife: Unknown.
Other Family Members: Unknown.
Actor: Ralph Fiennes.
Voice Actor: Corey Burton.

Quotes: "Can It M
-Kane to Just about Anyone of Them-

"Olarom Bah Haran." 
-His Not So Literally Famous Motto- 

"Don't Try to Attack Me Because It'll Be the Last Thing You'll Do." 
-Second Not So Famous Motto-

"Wait Aren't You a Sith?"
"Well Aren't You Wise Enough Not to Question Anyone?!"
-Kane Reminding Shaak-Ti Who She Is, By Being a Jerk to Her-

"Princess Leia. It's an honor to have a Senatorial observer."
"You can drop the charade, Captain Sturn. We both know I was sent here as a hostage to keep my father from speaking out against the Empire."
"Didn't Your Adopted Parents Teach You Not Rudely Interrupt Somebody?"
"I'm Adopted?"
"Yes You Are!"
"oh my god."
"As You Were Saying Ozzik"
 "Then we both understand the situation, Senator. If your father keeps his mouth shut, I'll keep you out of harm's way. If not, you'll become the unfortunate victim of a Wookiee uprising. These slaves are mindless brutes, you know."
-Alternate First Kashyyyk Cutscene-

"In the Name Of the Galactic Empire... For The Honer Of Of Emperor Palpatine... You Will Be Punished For Your Betrayal!"
"Bring It On!"
-Galen Go's Y.O.L.O., For a Mandalorian/Sith Really Mad-   

Trivia's: Kane Can Be Quite Obvious In A Rude Way.
Kane's Also a Skilled Close Combat Fighter, Dual Wielder, Force User, and Lightsaber Skills.
He Knows All the Force Ability's.
Kane Can Sometimes Uses His LightSaber As A Saberstaff, or Just Use One.
He's Ambidextrous.
Kane Can Speak In Many Different Languages, Like a Protocol Droid.
Even though he's a Sith, He Is A Follower Of Jaster Mereel, a Cuy'val Dar, So He Helped Trained the Clone's, and Helped a Few Jedi's against Death Watch.
He Fought Tor Vizsla Alone, During the Battle of Galidraan.
He Doesn't Get Along to Well With Darth Rasa.   




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Justin michael shunk
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi There, It's coolmanjms, and welcome to my deviantart page.

Stuff About Me: I'm a Proud Libra.

I'm 5'7", and Have Serious Height Issues.

I Have Asperger syndrome.

I Stutter A Lot.

I Have Pectus carinatum.

I Have Bipolar Disorder.

I Sometimes Speak in Vulgar Words.

I'm An Anti-Pacifist.

I Have Slight Depression.

My Personality's Are, Strict, Lazy, Rude, Enthusiastic, Irritated, Angry, Humorous, Abnormal and Sarcastic.

When i'm Older, Some People Would Call Me Childish, But Guess What it'll Be a Great Way to Bond With My Own Kids, Neices, and Nephews, and my Friends Kids, So I Don't Have to Be Tough on them.

and I am Proud Of Who I Am.

Decepticons Attack!


Favorite Movies: the Blues Brothers, superman (1978), Superman 2, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Spider Man, Spider Man 2, Spider Man 3, All the Pixar Movies, Star Wars Original & Prequel Trilogy, the Harry Potter Films, Some Disney Movies, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, the Smokey & the Bandit Films, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman: Doomsday, Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Ron howards: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the Breakfast Club, the Transformers: the Movie (1986), Ghost Rider, Alien vs Predator, Predator, Star Wars: the Clones Wars (2008 Movie), National Treasure, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman Gotham Knight, Teen titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, all the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films (But Not Iron Man 3), Ben 10: Secrets of the Omnitrix, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens, the Original Halloween Films, the Original Friday the 13th Films, Men In Black, Men In Black 2, Men In Black 3.

Favorite Television Shows: Ben 10, Ben 10, Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben 10: Omniverse, Teen Titans, Ultimate Spider man, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Danny Phantom, Code Lyoco, American Dragon: Jake Long, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Transformers: Generation One, Transformers: Animated, Transformers: Prime, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Rosanne, King of the Hill, the Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Spongebob Squarepants, the Fairly Odd Parents, Whats New Scooby Doo,Americas Funniest Home Videos, Mythbusters, Storm Chasers.

Favorite songs: Linkin Park: Numb, In the End, What iv'e Done, Bleed It Out (unedited), New Divid, the Catalyst, Faint, Somewhere I Belong.

Creed: What If, Are You Ready?.

Evanescence: Eternal, Going Under, Bring Me to Life.

Pearl Jam: Jeremy, Alive.

Cryo Shell: Creeping In My Soul, Bye Bye Babylon.

Van Halen: Humans Being, Panama.

AC/DC: Shoot to Thrill, Highway to Hell, Thunderstruck, Runaway Train.

Bon Jovi: Wanted: Dead or Alive, It's My Life.

Skillet: Monster, Hero. Awake, and Alive, Comatose.

Papa Roach, Getting Away With Murder, A Kick to the Teeth.

Alter Bridge: metalingus.

Disturbed: This Moment, Down With the Sickness.

Green Day: 21 Guns, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Welcome to Paradise,

Breaking Benjamin: Blow Me Away (Original 2004 Version, with male Backup Singing), I Will Not Bow,

Three Day Grace: Animal I Have Become, Time of Dying, Riot.

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive.

Psy: Gangnam Style, Gentalman.

Daft Punk: Robot Rock, Songs From the Tron: Legacy Album, Television Rule the Nation, Revolution 909, Da Funk, Around the World, Burning, Fresh, Song From the Discovery Album, Human After All, Steam Machine, the Brainwasher, Technologic, Song from the Alive 2007 Album, Give Life Back to Music, Get Lucky.

the Chemical Brothers: Do It Again, Hey Boy Hey Girl, the Salmon Dance.

Toby Keith, American Ride, I Wanna Talk About Me, I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight, How Do You Like Me Now?!, You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American), Beer for My Horses, Dream Walkin, I Love This Bar, Whiskey Girl, American Soldier, As Good as I Once Was, Get Drunk and Be Somebody.

Keith Urban: But for the Grace of God, Your Everything, You'll Think of Me, Days Go By.

Rascal Flatts: I Melt, What Hurts the Most, Me and My Gang, Life Is A Highway, My Wish,

Billy Joel: We Didn't Start the Fire.

009 Soundsystem: Trinity, Dreamscape, Space and Time, Born to Be Wasted.

Groove Cutter My Shooter.

Nero My Eyes.

Deadmau5: Ghosts 'n' Stuff.

Paramore: Monster.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Beat the Devils Tattoo.

Spiderbait: Black Betty, Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Favorite Actors/Voice Axtors: Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, David Cross, Dave Foley, Charlie sheen, Eric Bana, Edward Norton, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, James Marsden, Thomas Hayden Church, Jack Black, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, James Avery, Peter Cullen, frank Welker, Xander Berkeley, Peter Macnicol, Seth Macfarlane, Hank Azaria, James Avery (R.I.P.), Jason Marsden (and He's Not Related to James Marsden, You Idiots), Will friedle, Drake Bell, Josh Peck, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen Will Arnett.



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